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Strategic Planning


The sky’s the limit. The future is an unknown, uncertain and risky business. our job is to guide your business¬†to continued success.

How can you guarantee success?

You can’t. But what you can do is ensure that you have the best possible advice to assist you. Nobody knows your business as well as you do but sometimes this is not enough. At Arifeen & Co we can help you to plan for the future.

Strategic planning

What do you want your business to become? More profitable, efficient, bigger, better? Doubtless all these and more. How do you achieve these targets? Here lies the challenge.

It is all too easy to get caught up in the day-to-day workings of a business, making it difficult to step back to see just where the business is heading.

That’s where Arifeen & Co come in. We can provide you with a skilled and objective view of your business’s current position, a realistic forecast of an attainable future target and, perhaps most importantly, the methods and means to achieve it. The strategic plan will provide you with an essential guide to your long-term business development.

Business consulting

Put simply, this is where we can help you to improve your business.

These days ‘consulting’ is often seen as a rather overused buzzword and let’s face it, everyone now claims to do it. At Arifeen & Co business consulting and business coaching are services we’ve been providing to our clients over the years. We’ll help you to step out of the daily grind and re-focus your efforts ‘on’ your business rather than using precious management time working ‘in’ it. Drawing upon our accumulated experience, we have facilitated our clients in the transformation of planning, decision-making and control procedures resulting in improved commercial working methods and increased profitability.

Whether you have an individual project or require regular and consistent input, we can help you to make a real difference.