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Business Start-ups

Choosing the appropriate structure for an organisation is a complex matter. Once we have gained an understanding of your business and it's objectives we will be in a position to work closely with you to ensure that the best option is selected. We will then undertake the setting up and registration of the business with the relevant authorities.

Arifeen & Co works with their clients from the very beginning, throughout the growth of their businesses, adapting services as and when necessary. Drawing upon diverse experience gained from involvement across a broad range of businesses we can work in partnership with you to develop your business to its full potential.

Bank Introduction

One of many challenges you are faced with when starting a business is finding the best bank to manage your account in a co-operative and sympathetic manner for the foreseeable future.

Arifeen & Co has built long-standing relationships with an established network of banks. We can help prepare business plans before introducing you to the most suitable institution, giving you access to borrowing on the best terms. If necessary during the course of your business dealings we will negotiate on your behalf, cutting through the seemingly endless red tape.

Vat Registration And Compliance

In any business deal or start-up you need to consider the VAT consequences. To avoid the sting of retrospective charges and penalties it is essential to obtain comprehensive VAT advice. Arifeen & Co is committed to giving the best possible advice to clients in respect of VAT, compliance and planning.

Business Planning

Applying a formal structure to an initial idea or concept provides the entrepreneur with an excellent opportunity to consider all the facets of the proposed venture.

We understand how to critically appraise your ideas and to present them in a realistic and practical business plan that will radically improve your chances of success, and prove invaluable in selling your idea to potential investors. A professionally prepared plan will convey the right message of intent to those you are seeking to impress.

The plan will allow you to set the direction of the enterprise, defining its goals and objectives, which are then used for management planning and decision making. The addition of financial models for profit and cash flow forecasts provide an indication of the business's potential. This initial process will provide the base for future strategic and financial planning.

Accounting And Payroll Services

Managing the internal accounts and payroll, though crucial, cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, be considered an attractive element of running a business. Arifeen & Co will remove many of the mundane tasks from your working life leaving you to concentrate on the important issues.

Our Business Services provides a variety of financial and bookkeeping services to clients. These include the preparation of monthly management accounts, cash flows, budgets, VAT returns and day-to-day money management. We ensure invoices and vouchers are kept in an orderly fashion and, if necessary, we can assist with VAT inspections. Our fully comprehensive payroll service keeps you informed of your obligations, and makes it easy for you to pay your staff and the tax authority on time.