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Corporate Services


At Arifeen & Co we are fully aware of the problems and opportunities businesses face. However, we also recognise that experience and specialist skills are not enough. It is only through a clear understanding of client’s business and their long-term objectives that we can provide flexible and practical advice.

Mergers, acquisition and disposals

Steady organic growth, though commendable, is occasionally not enough. Market forces often dictate that a faster expansion strategy needs to be pursued. Whether entering a new market, consolidating your existing position, investing surplus profits or looking to sell, Arifeen & Co can help.

The starting point is to develop an appropriate strategy before undertaking a meticulous search for appropriate targets

Acting as a liaison between buyers and sellers Arifeen & Co will, if required, manage the whole negotiation process, from the initial approach, through price determination and project management, to finally the completion of the transaction.

Corporate Finance

Introducing new capital into an organisation is often the catalyst for radical improvements and change. Whether it is for business acquisition, purchasing assets or additional working capital there are a number of finance options available to you. We never underestimate the magnitude of the decision to reinvest in a business, which is why we assign our specialist department to each individual case.

Arifeen & Co has built long-standing relationships with an established network of institutions. We can help prepare business plans before introducing you to the most suitable institution, giving you access to finance on the best terms. If necessary during the course of your business dealings we will negotiate on your behalf, cutting through the seemingly endless red tape.

Corporate Recovery

At Arifeen & Co we operate on the basis that prevention is the best cure. Insolvency and liquidation are two words that send a shudder down every entrepreneur’s spine. This dramatic and final turn of events is not the inevitable outcome for all ailing businesses.

In the majority of cases where a struggling business is saved, time has been a crucial factor. The sooner problems are identified and addressed the sooner the appropriate financial and management resources can be installed to achieve a turnaround. If you think there may be a problem there probably is.

Arifeen & Co has a track record of providing constructive and practical advice. Banks are prepared to go the extra mile if they can see that the company and their professional advisors have put forward a carefully considered and realistic plan to ensure the business’ survival. All our initial meetings are held in confidence and are free of charge to you and your client.

Business Valuations

The value of listed investments is easily determined but an expert accountant can be vital in valuing a private company.

What is indispensable is a thorough appreciation of the business, the industry and the issues driving the valuation.

Whatever the motivation behind the valuation, be it commercial, litigation or tax, Arifeen & Co can provide you with a full valuation report supported by impartial and in-depth advice.

Development Services

Nobody knows your business as well as you do. But sometimes there isn’t enough time to accomplish everything you want, such as long-term planning, cutting costs, raising capital and market expansion. You need assistance from professionals who can help you realise your goals.

At Arifeen & Co we know from experience that the formative years, as you work to establish yourself, are often the most trying. This is why from the initial contact with us your affairs are meticulously managed. Drawing upon a breadth of specialist industry and commercial experience, we undertake regular reviews of your business, and aim to build a close working relationship. Throughout the development of the business we will introduce new services to meet your emerging needs.